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To Create or To Destroy?

Author: Dr.Erkut Bil

An idea is bothering me for a while. The very popular word “creativity” have been using as a new term both in business life and education, haven’t it? I can hear you saying “yes”. When we say “creating”, we find God, right? It reminds us the creation of universe, earth, nature, finally human and everything we see and we cant see. At least the story of creation that we know is like that till now. 


Especially in the capitalist economies the word “creativity” has a vaulable meaning. Think about your latest couch for example. Unlike us, our parents have been using those furnitures for many years. Most of them change the skin of furnitures and re-use them like a new product. On the other side of it, new generation is different. Here, we observe eggs and chicken story. In the past years, furnitures were used to produced in high quality but now they are for short term use only. Thats why there is no other choice for new jeneration but use it for short time.

y generation.jpg

In the fast growing sectors; companies, producers, art and entertaining firms have been trying to find the answer of “what can we create different?”. Formerly, the music industry had only some few kinds of music types but now we cant even follow new types of music. Its just enough to analyze the music app Spotify and see there are hundreds of music types. As an X generation member I feel myself a bit old fashioned. It is of course not possible to follow every single improvements but still to follow whats going on in your profession area is a necessity. Watch back, new generation is coming fast.

If you want to stay in the game, you need to use every single tool. The information occured enormously and so fast that a person can easily be lost in this pool. If you are hungry for new things, it is easy to loose yourself after some time. It all depends on your character. If you know what you are looking for and narrow your needs, you wont be lost in the outer space of information universe. The charm of this knowledge world can drag you to a dead end. That is why you have to know how to manage it.

Lets have a look at the education. Around 30 years ago, there were nearly no any lessons about creativity in the curriculum. Suddenly and fastly the creativity matter finds a way to show itself. Is it really a coincidence? One of the main targets of education is to supply the need of the society, is not it? Since the schools should design people mind set and the work force of society, the creativity based lessons need to be included in the curriculum. We should be aware of that as we create we destroy also. A new car model makes the previous one less valuable. A new smart phone sends the old one to the garbage. New trend of clothes make older trends less preferred. New applications make older versions to be deleted. I am curious about one thing. Can we calculate the ratio of create and destroy? The nature for example. Burned forests, the water sources, dissappearing creatures, organic fruits and vegetables, I hardly can think why is it so important to create if we slowly isolate ourselves from the nature. The danger we give to our world with spoiled behaviours… How much we create and how much we destroy? Think about it when you are in relaxing mood and calculate what is your ratio. Dont forget that we destroy something anyhow when we create. What can we do about it?