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Do you wanna be a puppet?

Yazan: Erkut Bil, PHD

We all keep asking a very basic question in this life "What are we doing in this world?" Who can tell the answer? Let me ask you in a different way, is there any right answer for that question? The question is just here, what about the answer? Answer is nowhere. We can find all the answers in any exam. On the other hand it is very annoying not to find that answer in the exam called life. 

Everyone of us are trying to solve the life code with our assumptions. We all either choose a life style with our codes or we accept codes that are given to us.  Some define the life as enjoyment and try to have that enjoy to the limit. Some try to learn, improve and evolute themselves for being a better person. What is your purpose in this life?


I saw something written on back of a car "Live for what you are existed" and it affected me strongly. This statement, contains only six words but actually has a very deep meaning. It clearly shows that everyone has own existance. If we think about it for a while, can we just make a conclusion that life is in our hands? Since no one gives us the answer, can we create/establish our own existance in this world? Isn't it right to live a worthwhile life that created and established by you? 

Most of us live this life by chance. This is really so pathetic. Our lives are coded by others and we are living this life by others' choice. Can we say that we are playing the role of puppet? "Puppet lives" only require the roles that others set for them. Be a good husband, be a good woman, dont neglect your kids, work harder for promotion in your job... Those and many other codes are surronding our lives, we are just accepting and applying to play those pitty roles like machines. After a while, our aim is becoming to make others happy instead of following our life plan. This stucks after sometime. Human suddenly feels an enlightenment and understand that we became a puppet. 


As we discover why we are created and what is our purpose of existance, our lives gain more meaning. This “live for what you are existed" statement can be anything. It can refer as what you think yourself and what you want to do in this world. The first step should be discovering yourself. Of course this is not so easy. It constantly requires self-discovery actions. Reading, observing, learning and applying all those things for many years... Again and again without getting tired.  It is very difficult process I admit. It is easier to be a puppet in other plays/scenarios.  In those plays your role is given to you but if you create your own scenario you will set your own role/rules patiently like a tailor. This is not easy like other one. If you want to reach to freedom, this is it. Discovering yourself and tailoring yourself... 

Live for what you are existed. Find your life purpose and live it aiming to reach that. I wish you have enough patience.